Why Buy In Mexico

Property values in México, like in the US, tend to increase year-over-year. As the demand for ocean front property in the US has outstripped supply, it has become an unobtainable commodity for the average person to afford. However, in México, there are numerous locations where one can still afford the ocean front home, condo or lot as prices started at a much lower point.

The increases over the last couple of years have, for the most part, eliminated what we would call cheap, but on a relative basis, you can still find a 4 to 10 times differential in prices when compared to the United States.

Additionally, Bancomex, the Mexican import export bank, asked me for a comparison of a 10 acre parcel in La Jolla, CA. My response was that there was none, but the type of property still exists in México. As with all property, the relative value and appeal of property in México comes down to the three key factors: location, amenities, and accessibility to the United States.

In addition to México’s lower land costs, construction costs are lower, maintenance is cheaper, and ownership costs (taxes, utilities) are very low. A person can live like royalty on the saving from property taxes alone. For example, in most areas of México, property taxes are about 0.1%, so for a $1,000,000 home, a person would pay about $1,000 per year.

In Florida, property taxes are about 2.5% or $25,000 for the same million dollar home. So with the $24,000 or $2,000 per month differential, one could have a live in maid, pay the utilities, have the maid buy groceries, and have some mad money left over.

Purchasing property in any location requires an extensive amount of research, planning and preparation – México is no exception. A person should understand the laws, do significant diligence and work with true professionals who can guide you to a successful, safe property ownership in México.

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