Watch Steve Jobs’s Unbelievable Real Estate Pitch

Ryan Tate — For ultimate proof of Steve Jobs’ salesmanship, look not to the Apple CEO’s keynotes, but to this one-minute presentation of a new Apple headquarters to the Cupertino City Council. It will make you consider buying an actual office park.

Granted, Jobs’ live presentation was closer to 20 minutes, but we’ve created this minute-long version to show just how closely Jobs’ unveiling of a large commercial real estate development mirrors his pitch of a new digital device. It’s all there: The strategically placed superlatives, the repetition, the benchmark statistics, the dissing of the competition, the “first evers.” There’s even the frenzied audience applause, which just goes to show that politicians respond as readily to Jobs’ techniques as computer geeks. “It’s like listening to PT Barnum read the J. Peterman catalog,” as one observer wrote.

And it’s incredible. Revolutionary. Gorgeous. Among the best in the world. Special. A trillion times better than the competition. As, you know, Steve Jobs would say.