Useful Information for the Real Estate Owner

• Property Tax:At the beginning of every year, you need to pay property taxes (Impuesto Predial). If they are paid in January,you receive a 15% discount. If your property is in the state of Jalisco, as is the case with Puerto Vallarta, your payment needs to be made to:
H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto VallartaIndependencia 123 (City Hall)(322) 223-2500
In Nayarit:Municipio de Bahia de Banderas, NayaritH. Ayuntamiento Constitucional, Tesoreria MunicipalPuebla & Queretaro Valle de Banderas (City Hall)(329) 291-0818
• Federal Zone Rights:If you have an oceanfront property, you need to pay an annual Federal beach zone fee(Derechos Zona Federal), unless it is a condo, in which case the fee is part of your HOA payment. Payment is made to:
H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto VallartaIndependencia 123 (City Hall)(322) 223-2500
In Nayarit:Tesoreria Municipal de Bucerias, NayaritHeroes de Nacazari & MorelosBucerias(329) 298-1319
• Rental Property:If you rent your property, you need to get a tax ID (Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal) from:
Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito PublicoFco. Medina Ascencio Km. 2.5(Plaza Caracol)(322) 225-0437
In Nayarit:Hacienda FederalOcéano Pacifico 17Bucerias(329) 298-1806
• Residency Permit:You can apply for a Mexican residency permit (Permiso para Residir) at:
Instituto Nacional de MigracionHeroica Escuela Naval Militar 2755 (Next to the Maritime Terminal)(322) 224-7653
• Mexican Social Security:If you have house staff (maid, cook, chauffeur), you should registerthem with Mexican Social Security at:Fco. Medina Ascencio 2006(322) 224-3838 Ext 202, 212
In Nayarit:Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez S/NMezcales(329) 296-5140
• Telephone:Your phone bill is due monthly and can be paid atvarious banks and grocery stores or at:
TelmexLos Tules 178(Gigante in Plaza Caracol)(322) 225-1021
In Nayarit:TelmexHeroes de Nacazari 10Bucerias(329) 295-1686
• Electricity:For both states, your electric bill is due everytwo months and can be paid at:
Comision Federal de Electricidad.Colombia 118(322) 225-5555
• Home Owner’s Insurance:If you need insurance for your property, which may be included in your HOA fees,there are many insurance companies available, but most North Americans work with:
Operadora de Fondos Lloyd SAPlaza Marina L-A-48(322) 221-3101
Plaza Santa Maria L-D-13(322) 224-2490

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