Explore Puerto Vallarta and beyond via the lens of Mark Callanan
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U.S. News – MONEY: Puerto Vallarta #1 – World’s Best Beach for Retirement

U.S. News – MONEY

Your retirement years could include the sound of the sea lapping gently against the shore from your bedroom window and a view of the Pacific from your balcony.

Constant sunshine and long walks along the sand whenever the inclination strikes you could even be an affordable retirement option if you pick the right place.

Here are the world’s best beaches for retirement.

1. Puerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta is the place to go to enjoy a world-class Pacific coast lifestyle. This isn’t developing-world living.

This stretch of Mexico’s Pacific coastline has been developed to a high level. Life here can be not only comfortable, but even luxurious.

In Puerto Vallarta, you have the opportunity to enjoy an international-standard lifestyle including things like golf courses, marinas, restaurants, and shopping, in a region with beautiful beaches and ocean views.

This is a place to come to enjoy a seaside lifestyle similar to that of southern California.

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Mark Callanan - Photos of Puerto Vallarta Mexico and beyond

Mark Callanan - Photos of Puerto Vallarta Mexico and beyond