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The Costalegre is Emerging: A Highway & Airport to New Luxury Resorts

The Four Seasons | Tamarindo & Xala | and the exciting near future of Costalegre

Costalegre, a stunning coastline in Jalisco, Mexico, is emerging as a sought-after luxury destination with high-end resorts and an upcoming airport.

The Four Seasons, Tamarindo, Costalegre, Jalisco resort offers a unique golf experience and an exclusive escape with a focus on sustainability and responsible tourism, while the highly anticipated Xala promises a transformative experience combining luxury and mindfulness.

The soon-to-be airport will significantly enhance accessibility to the region, attracting both tourists and investors. As Costalegre continues to develop and garner attention from luxury travelers and high-profile brands, this tropical paradise is set to redefine luxury travel and investment opportunities in Mexico and beyond.

Costalegre’s New Airport Set to Boost Jet Set Destination

The charming and picturesque Pacific coast of Mexico has recently gained a lot of attention, especially the awe-inspiring Costalegre – an expansive area of pristine beaches, captivating capes and tranquil bays that stretch between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. While it has long been a favorite of the jet-set elite, the region is now set to become more accessible, albeit in an exclusive way.

A new airport is currently under development, set to provide visitors with much easier access to the region. Currently, commercial flights require arrival at either Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo, both of which can prove inconvenient. According to Wayne Hudson, spokesperson for the splendid Cuixmala resort – formerly the home of British tycoon Sir James Goldsmith – the new airport is expected to be operational within two years, with work already underway on the runway and accompanying buildings, as well as the road network leading to and from the airport.

This exciting development is expected to have a significant impact on tourism in the state of Jalisco, particularly in the Costalegre region. The area boasts a breathtaking series of 43 virgin beaches, captivating capes and serene bays, all nestled along the Pacific coast between the major tourist hubs of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco and Manzanillo in Colima. With new infrastructure in the pipeline, the future of tourism in this stunning region looks set to flourish.

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With much anticipation, the long-awaited extension and modernization of the federal highway 200 is soon to be completed after two years of hard work. This crucial transportation link runs from Puerto Vallarta to Barra de Navidad and is a significant step in developing the Costalegre region.

Another exciting infrastructure project in the area is the Chalacatepec airport, which is expected to see its first airplane within a year and a half. Although the runway has been ready for the past four years, expropriation agreements with local community landowners still need to be finalized before the airport proper can be constructed. The state government is set to pay a sum of 15 million pesos (US $858,000) to acquire the necessary land. Additionally, an extra 17 million pesos will go toward building a road that will allow local residents access to the main highway without crossing the runway. Once completed, the airport will be a 90-million-peso facility capable of accommodating 170-passenger aircraft, serving both commercial and private flights.

This exciting project is just one of the many items included in a comprehensive US $400-million investment package announced last year to develop the Costalegre. Local authorities and state officials have spoken about the region’s breathtaking beaches, describing them as “a diamond in the rough” and “destined to become the most beautiful beach on the Pacific coast.” They have also heralded the Costalegre as the future of beach destinations not only in Jalisco, but in all of Mexico. This investment package will help bring the area’s true potential to fruition and establish it as a must-visit destination for years to come.

Giving credence to such claims are international hotel brands such as One and Only and Four Seasons, among others, that are currently developing 18 projects with a combination of domestic and foreign investment.

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A breathtaking sanctuary for the socially conscious, that sparks imagination and inner peace, while being immersed in nature.

The development in Xala, Mexico has been announced that combines luxury living with a socially conscious focus on sustainability and community. Nestled on over 1,000 hectares of land on the west coast of Mexico, this breathtaking sanctuary is set to open its doors in 2023 after the completion of its first phase, costing $125 million. The project is designed to inspire imagination and inner peace, while being immersed in nature.

This community-oriented destination focuses on agriculture, farming and sustainability, and will provide locals with access to nearly five miles of beaches, as well as two estuaries. Xala aims to restore and protect the local environment, with nearly 250 hectares of land being reforested and 500 hectares preserved as a protected area. Additionally, programs will be created to protect the region’s reptiles, turtles, ocelots, and other endangered species.

Renowned actor Richard Gere and The Heart Supply founder Johnny Schillereff are partners in this venture, along with developers Ricardo Santa Cruz and Jeronimo and Juan Bremer. Gere expresses his excitement to be a part of the Xala project and its shared vision of delivering exceptional levels of tourism and a truly sustainable neighborhood to this incredibly special part of the world.

The project is located about two hours from Puerto Vallarta and only five minutes away from the future site of the Costalegre Airport, providing easy accessibility to visitors from around the world. Xala is a unique development that offers a luxurious experience that also prioritizes sustainability and community.

Six Senses has partnered with Activos Turisticos de Mexico (ACTUR) for Six Senses Xala, a Pacific Coast retreat opening in 2026. Spanning 1000 hectares in Costalegre, Jalisco, it features an eight-kilometer white-sand beach amid mango fields and estuary waters.

Located 10 minutes from Chalacatepec International Airport, Six Senses Xala offers nature-centric hospitality. With 51 accommodations, including beachfront villas, the design integrates quirky Six Senses elements, respecting Costalegre’s artistic heritage.

Adjacent to Xala are 25 branded residences with beach views, providing owners access to community amenities. Ricardo Santa Cruz and Jerónimo Bremer of ACTUR are excited about the collaboration’s regenerative impact on the local community.

Efforts focus on preserving the ecosystem, including reforestation and coastal protection. Infrastructure upgrades benefit local families, farms, and marine habitats. Six Senses Xala emphasizes holistic wellness, blending high-tech spaces, locally inspired spa treatments, and “Eat With Six Senses” culinary philosophy.

Scheduled for a 2026 opening, Six Senses Xala aligns with the brand’s values in a remarkable location, a result of collaboration with top-tier developers.

source: Six Senses announces plans for its first property in Mexico • Hotel Designs

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The Great Escape: Careyes Mexico Is Bohemian Luxury Exemplified

Forbes Magazine

  • Careyes Costalegre Mexico - LPR Luxury

Careyes has been a backdrop for the fashion set. In the mid 80s the iconic Calvin Klein Obsession ad, lensed by Bruce Weber, took place at Careyes. Designer Giorgio Armani and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Stephanie Seymour, and Cindy Crawford have gone to Careyes for photo shoots as well as to vacation. Celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Alejandro Iñárritu, Lee Daniels, Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Hart, and Mick Jagger have retreated to Careyes not only for its tranquility, but for its privacy too.

  • Costa Careyes - Costalegre, Mexico - Luxury real estate and vacation rentals
  • Costa Careyes - Costalegre, Mexico - Luxury real estate and vacation rentals


Sir James Goldsmith Wildlife Sanctuary

Created by Sir James Goldsmith, knighted for his services to ecology, the once private estate is now open as a destination for discerning travelers. Cuixmala is located on Mexico’s breathtaking Pacific Coast, in the state of Jalisco. Río Cuixmala courses along its southern border, from its northern boundary, vast hills look out over the coconut plantation towards the Pacific Ocean, and to the east, bamboo groves and mango trees number in their thousands.

“Nothing is more exciting than seeing a house that looks like a fantasy movie. This is the feeling when seeing Casa Cuixmala but the environment is even more idyllic than the construction.“

– A.D.

Las Alamandas

Las Alamandas is Mexico’s ultimate beach hideaway!

Located amidst the tranquil and unspoiled beauty of the Costalegre Coast, between the charming cities of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, lies a hidden gem – a lavish resort sprawled across 2,000 acres of pristine nature reserve.

This exclusive paradise, boasting only 18 luxurious suites, has been masterfully crafted by the renowned Isabel Goldsmith-Patiño to offer a truly elegant and refined experience, complete with unparalleled levels of hospitality and service from a caring and attentive staff.

The Los Angeles Times has aptly described Las Alamandas as the embodiment of romance, beauty, and style, making it the ultimate destination for a rejuvenating escape, a dreamy honeymoon, a memorable family reunion, an intimate wedding, or an inspiring corporate retreat.

Each impeccably designed and spacious suite provides a private sanctuary to indulge in, while the delectable contemporary Mexican cuisine served at the resort’s restaurant tantalizes the taste buds. The tranquil sounds of the Pacific Ocean provide a soothing backdrop for indulging in rejuvenating massages and treatments.

For the adventurous at heart, Las Alamandas offers a plethora of activities to choose from, ranging from exhilarating surfing and tennis matches to invigorating hikes, horseback rides, and kayaking expeditions. Enjoy every moment of your stay, immersed in the beauty and serenity of this heavenly retreat.

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…the essence of romance, beauty and style, LA Times

Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo

Breathtaking Views, Authentic Mexican Culture, and Sustainable Luxury at Our Private Oceanfront Retreat.


Nestled within a private reserve on Mexico’s breathtaking Tamarindo coastline, the Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México invites you to experience the beauty and authenticity of this undiscovered region. As you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, prepare to be enchanted by the lush jungles and sparkling waters that surround you.

Offering unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and the nature reserve, the resort’s one-bedroom suites are situated within a cliffside enclave for the ultimate privacy. Each suite boasts three distinct spaces, including a spacious living area, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as a private 13-metre infinity pool, hammock, and outdoor shower.

For an unparalleled beachfront experience, choose the luxurious beach enclave, complete with private walk-out access to the shore. Relax in the spacious living and dining areas, enjoy a dip in your personal infinity pool, and savour ocean-view dinners on your furnished terrace.

As you awake to the soothing sound of the waves, immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. Expansive sliding glass doors merge the interior and exterior, providing the optimal beachfront experience. Soak in your bathtub while gazing out at the ocean or unwind in your hammock as you let the sea breeze carry your cares away.

Embark on a morning hike with the resort’s resident biologists and researchers, who are committed to studying and protecting the reserve’s natural treasures. As you traverse hills and winding paths, you’ll gain an intimate knowledge of this tropical seasonal jungle and develop a deeper appreciation for its wildlife.

Led by the Culinary Director, Nicolas Piatti, the resort’s culinary workshops offer an immersive experience in Mexican cuisine and traditions. Discover recipes passed down through generations, savour fresh produce from the resort’s low-impact farm, and learn about the unique ingredients that define Mexico’s culinary heritage.

Take a moment to pause and reflect on the beauty of the Pacific Ocean as you set out on an adventure with the local fishermen of La Manzanilla. Learn about sustainable fishing practices from the experts and gain a unique understanding of local culture.

At the Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of natural beauty, authentic experiences, and unparalleled luxury. It’s time to leave the world behind and explore this hidden gem on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

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Home to a Boutique Hotel, Spa and Healing Center, Botanical Gardens and Private Villas in an organically designed Master Plan, integrated with the lowest density allowances, where the maximum coefficient of construction is that of only 7% of the surface of this most magical land.

The abundance of fresh water, elevations and ancient trees provide for the perfect temperature all year round, as well as 150 species of birds.

For those who feel that less is more when it comes to enjoying Nature, this could be your place to call home Inside an idyllic pristine reserve.

  • Xeneques Costalegre Mexico - LPR Luxury
  • Xeneques Costalegre Mexico - LPR Luxury
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