Puerto Vallarta real estate home owners testimonials about the safety of Puerto Vallarta

Drug War Crime and Violence in Puerto Vallarta: Testimonials from Vallarta/Nayarit Homeowners

Puerto Vallarta real estate home owners testimonials about the safety of Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta real estate home owners testimonials about the safety of Puerto Vallarta

The following testimonials are from people who own homes in the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit region. They give their perspective with regards to what life is here, irrespective of what is featured through the mainstream media.

If you want to know what its really like here, read what the people who live it every day have to say, who are not sitting behind some desk in LA or New York, working for some media corporation and trying to portray it differently.

Very quickly you can pick up that these people are passionate about their lives in Mexico, who don’t believe that the coverage is fair and many times, just not correct.

Jon Duncanson: Mill Valley & Puerto Vallarta (Former Anchor for CBS News – Chicago)
We don’’t hear this so much now, but last year everyone who came down said something to the effect, “all my friends thought I was crazy for going to Mexico… “but it’s so safe here!””  Seriously.  Over and over. This year people are pretty blasé about it and don’t even mention it. As one Punta Mita residence owner (an orthopedic surgeon) told me, “”we actually give our kids much more latitude and freedom to roam…”

Gabe Watts
I own a villa at La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta and a second villa at Punta Vista Signature Residence in Punta Mita.  Each year I spend considerable time in the Puerto Vallarta area and have never witnessed any violence what so ever.  The cartel violence has been mostly limited to the border towns and is primarily a turf battle between the cartels for control of the drug routes to the U.S.  There has been additional violence between the cartels and the Mexican government who’s goal is to dismantle the cartels.  The violence is not being directed toward tourists…

Don & Kay: Michigan
We have had some of our most beautiful and memorable experiences over the last 23 years in Puerto Vallarta. We consider ourselves fortunate to have shared almost 40 % of our adult lives with the warm and sensitive Mexican people who have welcomed us and helped us make a second home in their country. Our children and grandchildren have taken their Spring…

Jan & Dave Opie: Ontario, Canada
My husband and I are staying in a rental condo for two months enjoying not only the weather but the people as well.  People hesitant to visit the puerto Vallarta area are victims in their own mind and cheat themselves of a truly wonderful cultural experience.    I have taught in schools inland further north, sailed the whole west coast in a 30′ sloop and can boast of nothing but joy of being here…

Gary Mitchell: Vancouver, Canada & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The first time I came to Puerto Vallarta was in 2002. I had been to other places in Mexico and immediately fell in love with old town, the cobblestone streets, the architecture and the culture. In more recent trips it continues to get even better with more improvements every year. It is very clean, very friendly and very safe. There are police everywhere but they are not intimidating whatsoever. I have always felt very safe here…


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Punta Mita” href=”http://mlsvallarta.com/puertovallartarealestate/testimonials/rob-angela-greenhow-punta-mita.shtml” rel=”bookmark”>Rob & Angela Greenhow: Punta Mita
Mexico is a perfect case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, though all the stories in the media would have us believe otherwise.  What I see is the not the Mexico I have come to know…and love.   We have borrowed a small piece of heaven in Punta Mita.  The people possess a pure joy for life, an empathy, and a warmth that I have experienced nowhere else.  The pacific coastline is…

Punta Mita” href=”http://mlsvallarta.com/puertovallartarealestate/testimonials/craig-jen-loucks-punta-mita.shtml” rel=”bookmark”>Craig & Jen Loucks: Punta Mita
Having spent many a holiday in Maui through to my teens, my idea of paradise became synonymous with swaying palm trees, stretches of sandy beach, and fragrant ocean breezes.  As an adult, nothing changed except adding accessibility to that list.  We had looked at second homes in Maui, but the hassle and time that came with the distance of getting there made us start to look for other options.  We traveled the world, from St. Tropez to St. Lucia, Portofino, Costa Rica, Bahamas, the Keys and everything…

Debbie Baker: originally from British Columbia Canada
I have the pleasure of working with many Canadians and Americans.  Of course travelers’ safety is on the top of their list when visiting any foreign country either for vacation, business, or investment purposes. I have been coming to Vallarta for three years and made it my forever home in May 2010 at the height of the Swine Flu (H1N1) scare. It was a huge media hype and my flight from Vancouver was cancelled three times prior to arriving.  When I finally did make it here…

Ron and Anita Patsula, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
We are coming to the end of our first week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and have enjoyed every minute.  Anita and I feel perfectly safe as we walk the streets of the city and all of the locals have been very helpful and friendly.  We have been drinking our water directly from the tap (the double filtered water takes too long to fill the glass) and are feeling great.  We have been sending daily notes…

Len Rutman, Toronto Canada
My purchase of a home in the Bucerias area four years ago was based on my wish to live in paradise during the winter months. It turns out that I have experienced so many more positives than I thought about when I made the purchase. The number, quality and variety of restaurants is amazing and disproporionately larger than anyone would expect in…

Pat Kelly: (Previously of Las Vegas, Nevada)
Hello, my name is Pat Kelly and I moved to Puerto Vallarta almost 3 years ago. We had been traveling to PV for about eight years and just really fell in love with the city and its inhabitants. We always felt it had the right mixture of ¨old country¨ charm and modern conveniences. We bought our condo in 2006 and then moved here full time in 2008. We did decide after our first year, that we would spend the summers traveling to different parts of the world as it gets pretty toasty here for several months of…

Lorraine Allen: Canada
I have been coming to Puerto Vallarta for 20 years.  In all that time there has never been a time when I felt unsafe. I have walked the main streets alone in the dead of night, a tipsy middle-aged woman. The only people who have even spoken to me have been persons who wanted to help me. There have been times when I’ve been sick and perfect strangers (Mexicans) have taken on the responsibility of getting me…

Julie Anne Montagano & Robert Morris: Toronto & Puerto Vallarta
We are a married couple in our 50s from Toronto, Canada. We own property in both Toronto and Puerto Vallarta.  When I met my husband four years ago, he already owned a property in Vallarta but he sold it at the height of the market in 2008. I had lived and worked in Vallarta for almost three years before returning to…

Dr. Jim Boland: San Francisco & Puerto Vallarta
I’m happy to tell you that life in Puerto Vallarta continues to be an incredibly wonderful experience. I’ve had a home here since 1992, and am now lucky to spend 7 or 8 months of my year here. I aso live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have ample evidence that the level of danger from criminal activity is much greater there than in the Vallarta area. Over the years one hears of an occasional break-in, and yes one hears too…

Beverley & Charles C.: Alberta, Canada
To all future Mexican property purchasers:

My husband and I own property in Bucerias, Nayarit. We purchased it with the thoughts of retiring to Mexico and believe me I can’t wait! In the meantime we make two trips a year to our ‘beloved Mexican condo’ and have never encountered any problems from any undesirable elements. Quite the contrary, we have been made to feel very welcome and secure in our adopted country. Get off the fence and get down there. Paradise is waiting…

Ron & Michelle K.
We would like to let the world know that Puerto Vallarta is truly a gem. We have everything and more then we had anticipated. We took possession of our condo Sept 1st, 2009 and we truly could not be happier!!! We have met beautiful people of which we have made many new friends. We have fabulous restaurants, great beaches, gorgeous sunsets, great shopping to say the least!! We can go to the movies or the theater, we can enjoy the open-air entertainment at the Malecon nightly. I could go on forever, this beautiful city is safe and…

Terri: Canada
We have been to Puerto Vallarta several times and have a lovely get-away condo that we use for our own pleasure, as well as for friends, family, and visiting guests. Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest, friendliest cities we’ve been to, and we look forward to any moment we are able to get away from work and spend time in this beautiful place. We have not had one regret since buying in PV, aside from not having more time to be there, which is the goal for the future. I highly recommend that everyone ignore the superfluous and generalized reports from the media, and visit Puerto Vallarta at their next opportunity. This is a paradise where stress melts away and peace unfolds. People often ask if it is safe…

Bjorn & Renée Moerner: California & Sweden
This is written to express our surprise and how thankful we feel about our latest visit to the Puerto Vallarta area. I have to say that this was our second year in a row we decided to spend a great part of our vacation in the Puerto Vallarta area and it did repeat itself as one of the best vacations ever. The hospitality and kindness  of the local people are outstanding and they really are going out on a whim to make everything possible to…

Jeff Sparrow: South Lake Tahoe, California
My name is Jeff Sparrow and my wife and oldest daughter (one and a half at the time) sailed from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta three years ago. We fell in love with the place and bought a villa with a boat dock in the backyard, something we never could have afforded in the states. For three years we have spent our winters here (youngest daughter now two, oldest four), working on the house and enjoying the…

Terri & Rick Soley: Punta de Mita.
Thanks for the opportunity to help offset the bad press that continues to plague Mexico. As Terri and I have been traveling in Mexico for years prior to settling down here on the beach we feel strongly about the misconceptions spread by the press in trying to sell newspapers. We can honestly say the country of Mexico is  perhaps the most interesting country in the world. Filled with gracious and…

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