Surfing In Punta Mita

Surfing Punta de Mita - Photo by Ed Fladung of

Surfing Punta de Mita - Photo by Ed Fladung of


The beach is most notorious for one thing … surfing.

Millions of people around the world look forward to that time of year when the weather is perfect, water is just right, and work can be put aside.

Of the millions many will be planning an exciting trip to Punta Mita to surf near the shores of Mexico.

Punta Mita is aware of how important the sport is to all tourists and has focused much of its tourist attractions on the popular activity.

An ultimate surf vacation in Punta Mita is easy to plan with accommodations galore.


It is not hard to find a private beach club in Punta Mita that is right on or near the shore giving surfers quick access to surf the waves.

Many of these beach clubs are reasonably priced, perfectly located, and dedicated to making your stay stress free so you can focus on what you came to do, surf.

In addition to surfing you may enjoy the spas and other onsite recreational activities at the club.

Surf Gear

To go surfing on vacation you are going to need surf gear. It is impractical to travel with your gear, or maybe you don’t have any, so it is another part of the vacation that you must plan ahead of time.

When visiting Punta Mita you must not forget the exclusive luxury of Puerto Vallarta located nearby. There are many surf shops located around the city.

The shops can help you find everything you need to make sure you are totally prepared.

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