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Smart buyers know that resort real estate is very big in the United States right now, but many are wondering if sales have peaked in the United States. Because many are wondering how much more the United States can up the ante on the resort real estate, some buyers are looking outside of the United States for their private community desires.

Punta Mita is a gated community located in Mexico that has sort of set the standard for what a luxury community is all about.

Many consider Punta Mita to be the gated community resort for those that are looking to buy a home that gives them that resort feel. Punta Mita has not become a raving successon its own, there are things that have helped to make this private community as successful as it is today.

Private Community Success Factors Punta Mita has been very popular because it is easy to access. An international airport is just 28 miles away and there are literally hundreds of flights to and from the United States each week.

In addition to easy access, Punta Mita offers some of the most beautiful real estate that you can find! Picturesque real estate, ocean front property and beautiful beaches are really attractive features for this private community.

Mexico also offers political and economic stability, which is important to most home buyers. In addition to being stable, the Punta Mita resort offers excellent values on homes that are better than those in California, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

Who Lives In Punta Mita? Punta Mita is 95% American owned. Punta Mita works very hard to make home ownership quite simple, even if the buyers are not from Mexico.

Offering not only beautiful homes and amenities, but advise on how to buy a home the right way. Punta Mita is an all encompassing, truly great place to live.

Everything that one could possibly want is located in this gorgeous gated community, so it’s obvious to see why so many Americans travel out of the U.S. to own a home there.

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