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John Youden – Vallarta Lifestyles

I often get asked how I feel about the violence that has been rocking Mexico over the past few years. Does it effect my lifestyle? My work?

I can’t truthfully say it doesn’t effect us, it does, but perhaps not in the way some people think. It effects us because of how its portrayed in the news in the US and Canada, which influences people’s vacation or second home choices – which effects me through my business and other businesses I work with.

It has effected the way we do business, but not our lifestyle. We do the same things we have always done. We go out to restaurants frequently, attend many events. We enjoy all the sports activities that Vallarta has to offer. Its a great lifestyles that many, many people enjoy. Once you are down here participating in the community, you really realize how distant the violence is from our own lifestyles.

But then we don’t frequent bars and nightclubs, or have anything to do with the drug trade. The people who for the most part have been victims of the violence have been those either involved with drug trading or have been employed (police and the army) to fight narco terrorism. I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone in the business (but then how would I know?), neither through doing business here or my personal life, and when I asked friends about this, they say the same thing.

Its like asking someone back in the USA or Canada if they know someone in the Mafia; they most likely don’t. The drug cartels are very similar. If you aren’t involved with their business, you don’t see them or have anything to do with them.

Do I feel the mainstream media (MSM) is over sensationalizing the drug violence?

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