SAN PANCHO DAYS – Life in San Pancho by Jillian Mitchell

I just got back from an amazing wedding in Zihuatanejo and I also had the chance to take a couple days off and go inland to Michoacán for Día de los Muertos. It was inspiring. Michoacán is by far one of the most beautiful states in Mexico for sure. Before I post those photos though, I have to go back a bit to San Pancho Days. Every town in Mexico has a town festival that usually revolves around the saint of the local church and/or town. For us it is San Francisco and there are nine days of fiestas. Here are some of the images from the final day.

The day starts with tacos de carnitas and chelas (beers) in the park and a parade through town to the church. They continue through the afternoon finishing with los toros (bull riding) in the evening and then ending with a banda en la plaza.