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  Written by Groshan Fabiola    Friday, 15 June 2007


Are you looking for a tranquil way of life, great food, good music, unpolluted beaches, good medical facilities, as well as being in the company of charming and hospitable people? Mexico is the answer for you. Whether you are looking for a vacation home or you have just retired and you want to spend the most relaxed years of your life in a marvelous country.

There are many beach properties, which you can own, rent or exchange. Everyone can find the ideal home in Baja California, Mexico. The benefits of a real estate purchase in Mexico include total land ownership, USA Title insurance, affordable financing. You will also enjoy spectacular views, fantastic recreation and a gated community. These are just some of the advantages of owning a house in Mexico, be it a vacation home, or otherwise.

Make sure your choice is an educated one, and opt for a home in a gated community, with security around the clock, underground electricity, mailbox center, private beach access, and amazing sea views. You need not worry about your daily needs, such as food or clothes, because commercial centers, convenience stores, and even Internet cafes are close at hand.

If you still have doubts about purchasing a house in Mexico, let us give you some more reasons why you should make your move now, before all the available properties are sold out.

First of all, are you not tired of the never-ending concrete and steel buildings around you, the polluted and noisy atmosphere, the crowded commercial centers, and so forth? Why spend your holidays in a five-star hotel when you can spend it under a “five-star” palm tree, on a sandy beach, sipping a tasty cocktail or tequila? And better yet, why not do this from the privacy of your own home in Mexico?

Secondly, consider that you are not giving anything up. If you think in terms of comfort and civilization, Mexico has it all. You will probably be surprised to see how much of your home and community you can find in Mexico. And it’s only the good things, such as American-style convenience stores, bakeries and delis, and not the all-time annoying aspects, such as traffic jams, noise and pollution.

Furthermore, you should take into consideration the advantage of being only two and a half hours away from the border with the United States. Whenever you fell like escaping your daily routine, all you have to do is get in your car, drive for a couple of hours and get to your other home, in Mexico, where everything is so peaceful and relaxing that you’ll wish you never had to leave that place.

Of course there are many exotic destinations all over the world, but most of us only dare to dream about such places. Why not try to make this dream come true, choosing a more affordable destination, such as Mexico?

Many areas in Baja California are developed and commercialized areas, but this is not the case with our real estate offerings in San Felipe. This region is now in the real estate boom. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and then regret that you could have been the owner of such an amazing property in an exceptional place. Remember that this is the place to spend warm winters, settle into your custom-design house with a sea view you normally couldn’t afford, and enjoy the sandy beaches and sunny climate all year round. And you can be sure that the sound of the Mexican guitars and that of the Sea of Cortez will keep you coming back over and over again.

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