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Puerto Vallarta Crime? It is Safer than our Downtowns – The Victoria Times Colonist

By Vicki Melville, Times Colonist January 11, 2012

Having just returned from a one-month vacation in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, I am astounded to see how quickly the media tarnishes the entire country for one isolated act of violence.

Without a doubt, the murder of Robin Wood in Melaque is a tragedy, and I send my sincere condolences to his family and friends on Saltspring Island.

But in response to those who quickly see this as yet another incidence of how violent the entire country of Mexico has become, I challenge them to take their next holiday in Puerto Vallarta and see for themselves.

My personal experience is that it is a very safe, family-oriented city that is doing an exceptional job of making tourists feel safe and welcome. In fact, for the first two weeks of December, the Vallartans have a parade every evening to honour the Virgin of Guadalupe, one of their biggest patron saints.

Every night, we would walk the Malecon and enjoy the Mexican festivities, and not once did we feel threatened or concerned about our safety – unlike walking downtown Victoria or many other cities in Canada, even in the daylight, in fact.

Vicki Melville

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