Petr Myska – A catalogue of local species


By Jesús de Avila

For several years the number of travelers visiting our destination in order to watch birds has been increasing steadily. What is very interesting is that each year there are also more fans of this activity practiced in the open air.

Experts say that the area of Banderas Bay and its surroundings are a paradise for birds and therefore also for bird-watchers. Eduardo Rincon Gallardo makes the comment that this is possible, among other aspects, thanks to the fact that we can find the water ecosystems and land ecosystems throughout the bay. There are very few places in the world offering such a biodiversity as our bay.

With this as a frame and through several years of eager curiosity, as well as through arduous and consistent work of investigation, Petr Myska who is a zoologist, conservationist and photographer, realized that in order for bird-watching to be complete in this area, a specific and practical “local” guidebook of the species living in this area was missing, a book that would point out the great number of birds that can be seen in this part of Mexico. Finally the first edition of the guidebook has been published after having found the support of some sponsors. The book was presented to the public during a conference that was offered as a part of the First Nautical Festival.

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Viva Natura by Petr MyskaThe guide is published in English and Spanish and is divided into three sections, which are those that correspond to the main habitats of the bay: tropical forest, fresh water and ocean. It is a sample of more than fifty species, each one presented individually and accompanied by its habitat. The guide includes a recommendation of the best spots from where to watch the birds. Besides for each specie there is an a color photograph, the name of the bird and some room for the users to take notes and to mark their sighting, all of which are unquestionably very useful tools for the identification of the species. It is worthwhile to emphasize that all the photographs of the birds were shot by Petr Myska in the natural habitat of each bird.

The guidebook that is available for fans and the public in general. It is very easy to use and easy to digest. Petr is confident that his birdguide may even be introduced to be used in elementary schools as an orientation tool of the subject for teachers and students.

Petr Myska is a zoologist – a conservationist and photographer, a science teacher on the subject of environmental protection and a science teacher of ecology and animal behavior.  He received both titles in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. He has been living in Mexico for six years and he has been a resident of Puerto Vallarta for three years. 

His efforts are focused on educating people on the immense and beautiful biodiversity of our country, with the purpose of creating a solid awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.

He firmly believes that in order to conserve the natural resources first of all it is necessary to know them and for that reason four years ago he founded the project of an “Online Encyclopedia of the Biodiversity of Mexico” : 

It is a project that attracts thousands of visitors daily and growing.

In addition to this project, Petr publishes his information in national and international magazines, as well as having the opportunity to work as a correspondent for the BBC. In reference to the subject of Banderas Bay at the moment he is presenting this first guidebook on the local bird fauna.

Petr Myska has many ideas and projects waiting to be carried out. All of them require intense work. In addition they need the support of sponsors. 

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It is indisputable that our Banderas Bay welcomes and receives each and every one of its visitors with open arms. Many of them stay and become locals. At the moment when we become aware of the potential and the problems of our bay, we would like to contribute to its promotion as well as taking care of it and conserving it. Most certainly Petr Myska is one of those visitors that after falling in love with this place which he now calls his home, he acts and fights continuously in order to contribute to truly raising the awareness level concerning the study of our natural environment and its conservation. We recognize and thank Petr very much for his work. 

Jesús de Avila – Publicista & Editor