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Owners Survey – Four Seasons / St. Regis Punta Mita Resort – Riviera Nayarit, Pacific Mexico

The Four Seasosn Resort, Punta Mita Mexico – North Shore Puerto Vallarta

2010 Owner Survey
Thank you to all of our Members who took the time to respond to the survey. The results have been tallied and will be shared with all levels of management at DINE, Punta Mita, the HOA and Club Punta Mita. Look for more information to be published in a upcoming report. In the meantime, here is a sampling of some of the information we discovered:

• About one-third of owners spent less than a month looking at real estate before they purchased at Punta Mita.
• The top 5 factors in the decision to purchase at Punta Mita were:
1. Resort Location/Reputation
2. Attractiveness of Resort/Landscaping
3. Ocean Access
4. Security
5. Future Vision of Resort Community

• The top 4 attributes of Club Punta Mita in the decision to purchase were:
1. Club Facilities/Amenites In Addition To Golf
2. Golf Courses
3. Commitment to Family Time
4. Community/Friendship

• More than 60% indicated they would buy a home about the same size/cost today as they did when they purchased.
• 43.7% of owners make 4 to 5 trips per year to Punta Mita. An additional 31% make 6 or more trips each year.
• The most popular nearby activities (other than Club Punta Mita) are:
1. Dining Out
2. Spa
3. Fishing
4. Boating/Sailing

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