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Nicole Martin: Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Info. Realtor 365 #1

Nicole Martin gives us an “inside the industry” introduction to top Vallarta real estate professionals. Everyone in Vallarta has a story, and Nicole tells them all, realtor by realtor.

n Realtor 365, a new video program on BanderasNews, Nicole Martin offers her unique, quirky perspective on Puerto Vallarta’s equally quirky real estate community.

The show offers an “inside the industry” introduction to the top Vallarta real estate professionals. They state their opinions on the market, they shamelessly promote their favorite local charities and they confess how they first landed here on our shores.

Grim, Grim, oh, but Not Really So Grim at All

The inspiration for Nicole’s entertaining monthly installments actually came from the drastic impact of misleading media coverage of Mexico’s drug wars, which have occurred principally in the border zone.

Despite the relative safety of Vallarta’s streets, North American buyers became an endangered species in a market that had already collided with a global recession and with the wildly exaggerated reports of swine flu in Mexico.

It began to seem that every tourist in Mexico was either dodging narco bullets or expiring from porcine fevers. Or the recession had returned us all to living conditions that required gringos to live on jerky and cactus (both are actually very good in Mexico.)

Nicole was also having daily conversations with more sophisticated property seekers from all over the US and Canada, many of them already ex-pat property owners. Her chats seemed to always lead to the same exchange, “Can you believe what they are saying about Mexico? Why is the coverage of crime in Mexico so overblown and generalized, with no distinctions between the country’s troubled areas and places like Vallarta, which has a lower crime rate than most American cities?”

So Nicole began to ask: are we all crazy here in Vallarta? Or can we just see through the clouds and experience what is real and true about Vallarta, our place in the sun?

She decided to pursue Truth, Wisdom and Humor within the bi-cultural eccentricities of her business community. Everyone in Vallarta has a story. Nicole will tell them, realtor by realtor.

Contact Information:

Realtor 365: Nicole Martin is sales executive with Prudential California Realty-Vallarta Division. She can be contacted at nicole.martin(at)prurealtypv.com.

PromoVision Video Production: Willy Flores and Ray Dion can be reached at info(at)promovisionpv.com. For more information, visit PromoVisionPV.com