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Villa Real del Mar 3 - Real del Mar - Punta de Mita - Riviera Nayarit - Pacific Mexico
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Villa Real del Mar 3 – Luxury vacation rental villa at Real del Mar – North Shore Puerto Vallarta

Nestled among the beautiful, lush gardens of Real del Mar, a luxury, gated community on over 75 acres with homes ranging in price from $4 Million to $15 Million USD is the sumptuous villa Villa Real del Mar 3. Completed in June 2008, and…
Villa Lagos del Mar 26 - Punta Mita Mexico Real Estate and Vacation Rentals Villas
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Casa Cariza – Lagos del Mar – Punta Mita Resort

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Punta Vista Signature Residences on pristine Playa Punta de Mita

Punta Vista are oversized luxury beachfront condominiums on perfect Playa Punta de Mita. Unique in location, quality and space, Punta Vista condominiums are for discerning individuals who want to be in Punta de Mita and prefer a secure…
Fonatur - Sinaloa - Mazatlan - Mexico
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Mexican Pacific Coast Tourism Project to Outshine Cancún

Monday, October 13, 2008 Mexican Pacific Coast Tourism Project to Outshine Cancún By Barnard R. Thompson The Mexican government has announced a major new tourism development that will stretch along the Pacific Ocean coast of southern Sinaloa…
Secret Villa Sayulita 2 - Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rentals VIlla
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Rancho Huracan designed by Jose de Yturbe

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7 Keys to Buying Overseas Retirement Property

U.S. News and World Report While some retirees head straight for America's sun districts—Florida, South Carolina, California, to name a few—others travel clear across the border to launch their postcareer lives. And since many overseas…

A visit to the Mexican Malibu

The "Mexican Malibu" is the echo of legend and a wave of fact. It represents the search for unspoiled perfection that was started by vagabond California surfers more than 50 years ago.
Villa Careyes 5 - Ultra luxury vacation rental villa for sale in Costa Careyes, Jalisco, Mexico - Careyes real estate
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NY Times: Costa Alegre, Mexico – Careyes: Who Controls Paradise?

CRUISING along the swerving, mountainous roads of Mexico’s western coast, past trees and vines, blue lagoons and scattered wildflowers, Goffredo Marcaccini stops his Jeep and thrusts his head out the window. “Ahhh,” he croons, inhaling the morning air. “The smell of the earth! Nice, like the scent of a woman!” His reverie is short-lived. Farther along, he encounters roadside debris, including a bright blue Pepsi can. “Modern man,” he says, wincing, “is the cancer of the earth. We are only here to destroy.”

Investing in the Ideal Location

Understand my clients' priorities and match them with properties that fit their requirements. We specialize in the charming coastal village of Chacala, located in the Riviera Nayarit region of Mexico, offering a unique blend of culture and modern amenities that make it an ideal place to invest in a vacation home or retirement property.
Mi Ojo - Costa Careyes - Mexico
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Golfers Buy New Combination of Vacation Home and Real Estate Investment Property

Imagine a delightful blend of a golf vacation home, a luxurious resort hotel, an elegant condominium, and a shrewd real estate investment, all nestled in a sun-kissed tropical paradise like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the allure of golf knows no seasonal bounds. This harmonious fusion brings forth what is now known as the Resort Hotel Condominium.

San Pancho, Nayarit – Pacific Hamlet could become Mexico’s next hot stop

SAN FRANCISCO, Mexico - Maybe it was the impossibly bright orange sunset over the Pacific Ocean, the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, briefly disturbing the peace and the silence around us. Or it may have been the eclectic crowd - old hippies, yuppies and the ultrarich - enjoying the isolated innocence on an unspoiled Mexican beach.

The History of Land Ownership in Mexico

To really understand how ownership in Mexico works, it is important to understand the history of property ownership and its evolution in Mexico. If you picture a country that has been dominated by foreign owners since the early 1500's, you will begin to see why Mexico is so protective of its most valuable resource...land.