Kendall Jenner’s Vogue Cover Shoot: Paradise Found at One&Only Mandarina

In Vogue’s highly-anticipated June/July 2024 issue, Kendall Jenner graces the cover, captivating readers with her beauty and candid reflections. The cover story, titled “Kendall Jenner Is In Her Feelings“, not only showcases Kendall’s journey as a supermodel but also offers a glimpse into her personal challenges and aspirations.

Kendall Jenner Is In Her Feelings

What adds an extra layer of allure to this stunning feature is the breathtaking backdrop against which the photoshoot took place: One&Only Mandarina & Private Homes. Nestled along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, amidst lush jungle and overlooking pristine beaches, One&Only Mandarina provided the perfect setting for capturing Kendall Jenner’s essence.

Vogue’s article paints a vivid picture of Kendall’s time.

The exclusive feature not only celebrates Kendall’s career but also elevates the profile of One&Only Mandarina & Private Homes, positioning it as a must-visit destination for those seeking a blend of sophistication and natural splendor. With its private villas and residences offering unparalleled comfort and ocean views, Mandarina becomes more than just a resort—it’s an experience that combines luxury living with unspoiled nature.

As readers dive into Kendall’s insights and Vogue’s captivating visuals, the allure of One&Only Mandarina beckons, inviting dreamers and travelers alike to discover its enchanting world. Vogue’s coverage underscores the resort’s appeal, inviting future guests to explore the same paradise that graced the pages of this iconic fashion magazine.

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Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Vogue, June/July 2024.

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