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Joe Francis and Casa Aramara Featured on Bravo TV

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Full Service

Martyn discusses his role in the Francis estate and Kathryn’s major client.

June 15, 2011

This week is packed with lots of decorating action from both the delicious Kathryn Ireland and myself.

Kathryn rejiggers a wonderful project full of English antiques and helps her shopping addicted client to rearrange both her home and life, with, of course, Kathryn’s usual sense of humor and panache.

I, however, deal with a $30 million, 40,000 sq ft estate in Punta Mita , Mexico for my longtime client Joe Francis, the creator and owner of “Girls (and Boys) Gone Wild.” You get to see that as an interior designer I offer full service, as I have to return to the estate to teach the staff how to keep the house clean and sparkling. My standards are high and my clients expectations are even higher! It’s a wild ride encompassing both cultural differences and vast lifestyle misunderstandings, so get ready viewers. . .

Meanwhile back in La La, the glamorous Mary McDonald is being drawn by renowned Greek artist Konstantin Kakanias. The delight of his wild and eccentric wit and charm is as mesmerizing as his the finished art piece. Mary, of course is hilarious through out.

Jeffrey Marks it seems can’t work out properly, as he is distracted by the disgusting shower facilities in his gym. So, he sets about fixing them, and occasionally actually puts his clothes back on to do so! All very wild and fun.

I hope you enjoyed the show a lot more than I enjoyed the massage I got on this episode!

Wishing you lots of living, loving, and decorating !

X Martyn

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