In Mexico, Jaqueline, like every child has the right to an education

Unfortunately many, can´t attend school becauase they need shoes, uniforms and school supplies….. and don´t even think about transportation for high school students!!

You can support a child, like Jaqueline, by supporting the entreamigos scholarship program. The $600yr scholarship can be paid in quarterly amounts of $150 or monthly amounts of $50. Your scholarship supports not only a child’s education at the public school but many enrichment classes, excursions, tutoring and additional activities at entreamigos.

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almicia on graduation dayentreAmigos Scholarship Program

San Pancho is a beautiful community in the midst of tremendous change.  Although many families are doing much better than before, many families are living in a state of poverty that is incomprehensible.  The reasons for the poverty are varied and many but the reality is that there are real lives of real children in San Pancho that could be dramatically changed for the better if given the opportunity of education.

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entreAmigos looks to match Scholarship Donors with needy students in San Pancho.  Due to overwhelming requests for scholarships entreAmigos has divided scholarship assistance into two categories.  Scholarships are provided to Students under the following criteria:

student workingEducation Scholarships – these scholarship students are exceptional students with limited resources.  entreAmigos Education Scholarships assist these students to remain undeterred in their quest for learning, it also provides them with additional learning opportunities through extra-curricular field trips, classes and opportunities.  These students have strict requirements to their participation and act as mentors to other students.

SOCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – the social assistance program was established to  provide support  to students of very limited resources regardless of their academic ability.  In some cases this assistance provides full support to children who come from distressed family situations which make it difficult to stay in school.  In other cases food packs, clothes and basic needs assistance is provided. Parent absence, attendance problems, learning disabilities, malnutrition and abuse are common factors in our support assistance families.  entreAmigos provides free tutoring, mentor programs and adult support groups for these families.


entreAmigos needs Scholarship Donors to be able to continue our scholarship program.

One Year Full Scholarship $600usd

Support Scholarship $150usd – $300usd

Social Assistance Program Support – $ / supplies in any amount

Provides uniforms, shoes, a backpack filled with school supplies, all school fee paymentsand extra fees. (Monthly fees, special events etc). Includes lunches during school hours if needed. Includes priority in after school tutoring and computer use and dedicated attention to both child and family needs that could inhibit school attendance or performance.

To support a child please make a donation to entreAmigos in the name of the Scholarship Program by visiting  our Donation Page.

entreAmigos Commitment

entreAmigos is committed to helping every child through school. Children involved in the Scholarship program will be held accountable for attending school regularly and getting good grades.  Kids who are having trouble will have access to all of entreamigos services and individual help to develop the skills necessary to succeed. Sponsors of students will receive updates about their sponsored child and will be invited to attend Scholarship family events.

The entreAmigos Scholarship program began with one child in 2006, 45 children in 2007 and 78 children in 2008.

In 2009 we re-organized our program to include 46 children receiving scholarships and more than 55 in our social assistance program.

Due to the slumping economy, we have less funds to administer for scholarships in 2009, and even more requests.  We need your support!

If you would like to Sponsor a child, or give the gift of sponsorship in the name of a friend or family member, please contact entreamigos.