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HOW TO: Use Social Media During Your Family Vacation

We all have that one family member that just can’t detach himself from technology.

On that hypothetical beach vacation, this chap couldn’t be bothered to peel his eyes off his Twitter feed and heaven forbid if you ask him to turn off his iPhone. Then again, maybe that über-connected social mediaite is you.

If you or someone you know tends to spend an entire vacation typing away and staring at backlit screens, it may be time for an intervention.

Being “constantly connected” can take a toll on your health — we recommend cutting back on social media and tech usage when you’re on vacation. Everyone needs a break.

If you can’t completely disconnect, your social media proficiency might come in handy when your family is trying to coordinate the trip.

There’s a ton of mobile apps that can help improve your vacation, and you’re probably just the person to sharpen up your family’s social media game. Here are our tips for utilizing your connected time for improving your family’s vacation.

The next time you’re staring at your smartphone in Tahiti, you’ll at least have a vacation-related excuse.

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