Ice-cream-on-the-beach Four Seasons Punta Mita Mexico
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Hit the beach with GuruMommy and her family in Punta Mita, Mexico


Punta Mita, Mexico” src=”” alt=”Hit the beach with GuruMommy and her family in Punta Mita, Mexico” width=”575″ height=”375″ />Our family (my husband, myself and three daughters ages 5, 9 and 10.5) just returned from an amazing trip to Four Seasons Punta Mita. It was hands down one of the best resorts for families that we have ever visited!

Not only is it great for little kids, but they also have the added extras for preteens and teens that my two older daughters really appreciated.

When we arrived, the kids room was all set up with an extra rollaway bed for our youngest and they each had cookies and drinks set up with their names next to cute, little turtle stuffed animals.

They barely had time to enjoy their treats before heading out to discover the resort. First stop was, of course, the pool, which is a magnificent infinity pool with a shallow end that is perfect for the little ones.

The pool has floating toys for the kids and also food service, allowing my kids to stay in until they are hungry.

They also make snow cones poolside and pass out fruit and ice cream (gratis) during the day.

Once they explored the pool, they were ready to check out the lazy river and Kids For All Seasons (which are located side by side). There the kids all grabbed inner tubes and took a spin around the lazy river where a current pushes them around a loop with bridges and tons of foliage so they feel like they are in the jungle.

Punta Mita Mexico” src=”” alt=”Ice-cream-on-the-beach Four Seasons Punta Mita Mexico” width=”575″ height=”375″ />Once they had been around a few times, they ditched the inner tubes and took a try at swimming the loop. After they dried off and had a smoothie from the bar by the lazy river, they visited Kids For All Seasons, where they can drop in or stay all day (you can sign them in and if they are old enough, they can come and go as they please).

For the younger kids this is a great way to entertain them for either 1/2 day or all day. Jewelry making, lizard hunts and swimming are all included plus the kids can order lunch and stay for a movie.

We spent the afternoon at the beach, no problem getting chairs and were even able to get a “bed” down at the beach and spent later afternoon playing in the sand and relaxing.

Ruby (the 5-year-old) discovered the painting tables at the beach and painted a turtle all by herself. While Sarah and Eve (10- & 9-year-olds) met a couple friends on the beach and decided to get out of the sun in the game room. They couldn’t believe all the up-to-date games, Xbox, Wii & PlayStation, but their favorite was the gigantic Dance Dance Revolution game.

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