Finance North America Makes it Possible to Pull Equity From Property in Mexico

Finance North America Makes it Possible to Pull Equity From Property in Mexico

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Even as Mexico’s real estate market
heats up, long-time owners throughout the country are discovering a hidden
goldmine in the form of equity in their homes and land there.

As recently as last year, the primary way of tapping value in property
south of the border was to sell it. This is no longer the case thanks to a
clever solution making it possible to access a home’s value in Mexico with
an equity line originating in the United States.

Helping to unearth these secret riches is Finance North America
( — a San Diego-based firm that in
2005 pioneered US-based financing for property in Mexico. This made it
possible for Mexico’s real estate to be bought and owned by residents of
other countries using traditional US-style mortgages.

Now with cash-out financing available on Mexico’s real estate, families
long in need of additional cash sources can begin tapping into their equity
in real estate investments from Tijuana to the Yucatan for items such as:

* Home improvements

* College educations

* A new car

* Vacations

* Buying additional real estate

By providing American mortgages and other financial services to all
types of properties throughout Mexico, FNA delivers the convenience and
lifestyle ex-patriots living there desire. In addition to removing the
traditional requirement of having to pay for everything in cash, FNA’s
mortgage programs also provide the opportunity to take cash out of
properties south of the border without prepayment penalties.

From Puerto Vallarta to Los Cabos, San Miguel Allende to San Felipe,
Americans and Canadians have been investing in retirement and vacation
homes they’ve long desired. Custom-built and resales continually lure
Northerners to own their piece of the beach in this growing market.

And thanks to Finance North America’s new Equity Cash-Out Program, the
only decision one now needs to make is which of those other dreams to fulfill

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