Ecotourism in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

by David Snyder

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has become a beacon for ecotourism. Surrounded by lush tropical jungles, filled with amazing blue waterfalls, and home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, Puerto Vallarta is naturally suited for tourists looking to experience all that nature has to offer on a vacation.

Among the amazing experiences that tourists can partake in on their ecotourism adventure in Puerto Vallarta are kayaking, whale watching, bird watching, Sierra Madre Jungle tours, and a host of other exciting excursions. Each of these things to do in Puerto Vallarta brings a specific aspect of the natural wonder of Puerto Vallarta to the forefront of an ecotourists vacation.


Bird Watching

Puerto Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas is home to a multitude of habitats and unique ecosystems. A tourist can experience mountains, rivers and creeks, marshy lagoons, tropical forests, mangroves and shorelines.

These unique habitats are one of the reasons why Puerto Vallarta’s bird population is so rich. The region boasts up to 355 different bird species. The number and diversity of the bird population make for amazing birding tours.

The birding tours in Puerto Vallarta are guided, and often pick you up directly from your hotel. Most tours last 6 hours, so it may be a bit too much for the little ones.

Whale Watching

Puerto Vallarta offers various wildlife excursions, including various experiences with Dolphins in their natural habitat. Nothing, however, is as exciting as an encounter with one of the majestic humpbacks that make the Bay of Banderas their home.

Among these whale watching excursions you can choose to take a photo expedition, you can snorkel amongst the dolphin and whale in the bay, and you can even enjoy a day of sailing amongst the whales in the bay.

Via a Jungle Safari All Terrain Vehicle you travel through the Sierra Madre Mountain into the tropical jungle. You will travel off road into the mountains, thru plantations and across rivers and streams.

You will stop at a typical Mexican village and learn about the daily life in a typical Mexican town. You will go through an actual home to experience how the typical Mexican family lives. Then, you travel deep into the jungle where you will take a 45 minutes hike with experienced naturalist who will tell you all about the flora and fauna.

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