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Tools Available to Become Familiar with the Vallarta Real Estate Market

If you are reading this, chances are that you have a vested interest in real estate in the Vallarta region. You are most likely a buyer or a seller (or both) or a professional involved in the industry, and you need sources of clear and current information about the state of the market.

You have made an excellent choice in picking up this copy of the Real Estate Guide. Along with information on most real estate developments, it also contains the MLS database of resale properties of the Vallarta chapters of the Mexican Real Estate Professionals Associations (or AMPI, for its initials in Spanish). Every month, the Real Estate Guide contains how-to articles on specific aspects of the market, as well as information from advertisers in such areas as home decoration, real estate services and property rentals, among others.

Real Estate Guide Online
But the Real Estate Guide is really just one of a number of tools available to keep abreast of the market. The Real Estate Guide’s online companion, found at makes use of the most innovative Web techniques, including the United States NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS), to assist you in becoming acquainted with the landscape, and the many options available for property buyers and sellers. Take a tour through VREG Online and learn how to best take advantage of this Website’s offerings. There is no more detailed source — online or in print — to learn what is going on in Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market. Importantly, you can access this information from all over the world, so you can stay informed about what’s happening here while you are traveling anywhere.

One section of the site is dedicated to showing, area by area, the most interesting places in the region for real estate. Each area is shown via an aerial photograph, a short article describing the area from a real estate point of view, a small reference map of the entire bay that shows the area’s location within it, and a list of presently available real estate developments. Reading about each one of these areas and their pros and cons will help you find sections of the bay that best suit your needs.

Other sections explore what is available in the various developments around the bay, showcase some of Mexico’s finest luxury homes (many of which have been featured in world-renowned architectural publications), and offer various ways to search for property on the market. To accommodate the different needs potential buyers or sellers may have, VREG Online offers three distinct methods of searching for properties in both the Multi-List Vallarta database for resale properties and the Multi-Dev Vallarta database for pre-construction properties.

You can choose the classic, text-based search, or, if you are a more visual person, VREG Online has a map-based graphical search that organizes properties first by location and then by price, type of property, and other variables that you can use as filters. Finally, you can get an up-close look at where the developments are located around the bay using the new Google search, which incorporates Google Maps’ satellite images.

Vallarta Lifestyles
Vallarta Lifestyles covers the real estate market in every one of its quarterly editions, along with news items, articles, people profiles, restaurant reviews, shopping, activities and art galleries – all of the lifestyle amenities that are so important to anyone contemplating living here full time or part time. Lifestyles is available on newsstands throughout the Vallarta region, and a virtual edition of Lifestyles is now available on the web and around the world. Visit to subscribe free-of-charge for a limited time.

The online portal is one of the most popular sites for Puerto Vallarta on the internet. It offers more information about Puerto Vallarta than any other website, with hundreds of articles and lots of photos and images.

Costa Vallarta
Costa Vallarta magazine is semiannual guide focused on everything luxuriously stylish along this coast. It provides detailed coverage of home decoration, gourmet restaurants, art galleries, custom-made jewelry and of course, top-tier real estate opportunities.

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