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Cover Story: From John Youden, editor of Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine

From John Youden, the editor of Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine

Vallarta Lifestyles has now been published for more than twenty years, documenting the region’s evolution and providing visitors information on what to see and do while here.

We have currently 16 past issues of Vallarta Lifestyles available online in digital format and we plan to double that to 32 by the end of the month.

We are digging out old formats of our publications (anyone remember Pagemaker?) and seeing just how far back we can go. So if you’ve missed an issue, you can find it now online at virtualvallarta.com.

Visit this page to see the complete library or just type in www.vallartalifestyles.com

Vallarta Lifestyles magazine covers

Vallarta Lifestyles magazine covers