Beyonce and Jay Z’s Mexican Holiday

It pays to be Jay Z. Oh, in so many ways, it pays.
Not only is the man loaded on his own, but his girlfriend is rich, too, and she recently used her hard-earned dough to treat him to a vacation.

Vacation from what? The hard work of getting richer, we guess.

Beyonce whisked Jay off to Mexico earlier this month to see “his favorite group” Coldplay perform in Mexico City and for a little bit of beach time. They reportedly dropped $11,000 a night on a villa–a stand-alone private residence, perhaps, but more likely one belonging to the Four Seasons in town.

The resort has private villas in the hillside and by the beach. They’re not so forthcoming with prices on the web, which means the cost could easily be up there in the $11,000 range.

Punta Mita is on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, 45 minutes from the mouthful that is Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta.

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