Articles in the Mexico Real Estate 101 Category


Articles in the Mexico Real Estate 101 Category

 5 Tips on Safely Buying Real Estate in Mexico
Consult the National Agrarian Registry (Registro Agrario Nacional, or RAN) to check if the property is on Ejido land. Ejido land is land that has been set aside by the Mexican government for community farmers and can not be owned unless it goes through a complicated process where it is converted to private land. However […] 


 Top 10 Facts About Puerto Vallarta Real Estate
Puerto Vallarta has grown from a quiet little fishing village to one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Mexico. Here are our top ten facts about this investment hotspot.
1. Sales of resort real estate in Puerto Vallarta has increased from $50 million in 2000 to $500 million in 2007 (NuWire).
2. Vallarta is home […] 


 Moving to Mexico? Rent, Buy or Build
It took 8 years for my wife and I to find the right piece of land in the ideal location in Oaxaca, obtain good title, decide upon an architect/project manager, and commence and complete construction. Throughout the process the learning curve was significant, as were the frustrations and the simultaneous fits of disillusionment and excitement.  […] 


 How to Move Your Household Contents to Mexico: A Guide for Getting Through Border Patrol
Transporting your worldly possessions into Mexico is both an art and a science, even more so if you intend to do so on your own … truck and all. The task then also becomes a challenge and an adventure. No matter what the Canadian or American Consul in your Mexican destination advises, and regardless of […] 


 The Mexico Real Estate Learning Curve
In 1995, Jim Erhark of Rockford, Illinois, tired of long commutes and long, windy winters, visited Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. During his stay, he befriended a “real estate guy” who showed him a beautiful home on Nichupte Lagoon, for what Jim considered a steal in the post-devaluation Mexican economy. He took the proceeds from a […] 


 Mexico Title Insurance Provider Profile: First American
Title insurance is one of the best ways to protect your investment in Mexico real estate. One of the worst case scenarios is that you purchase a home from someone who doesn’t have title to the property, such as in the case of buying eijido land that has not been properly privatized (see Beware the […] 


 How to Safely Buy Mexican Real Estate
If you are in the market for a second home or vacation home, let’s face it, the US real estate market is not your best bet. On the other hand Mexico presents one the best international investments for real estate. Mexico was also ranked the World’s Top Retirement Haven by International Living in 2007. However […] 


 Mexico’s Economy Fairs Well Against US Slowdown
Mexico’s GDP growth is expected to end up between 2-3% for 2008 [1], a positive sign that Mexico’s economy can overcome the effects of a US slowdown and still be productive. Joydeep Mukherji, the team leader for the Latin American soverign ratings at Standard and Poor, praised economic progress in Mexico while urging further reform […] 


 How to Avoid Paying Capital Gains Taxes in Mexico
Mexico’s capital gains exclusion for sale of real estate is similar to that of the United States.
“There is no capital gains tax in Mexico if there is conclusive proof the seller has had the property as his or her primary residence for the previous two years” – Cashing in on a Second Home in Mexico […] 


 Top 10 Free Spanish Lesson Podcasts
Why pay hundreds for Spanish lessons and expensive software when you can get excellent free audio lessons on the web. Here are our top 10 Spanish podcasts that you can download for free onto your iPod or MP3 device to learn Spanish. You can find all these