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A New Alliance: La Punta Realty – Punta Mita Properties – LPR Luxury International

Punta Mita Properties – Punta Mita Real estate” src=”” alt=”La Punta Realty and Punta Mita Properties – Punta Mita Real estate” width=”542″ height=”725″ />We are pleased to announce a new alliance at Punta Mita Properties.

Effective April 1, 2011, our real estate office joined forces with the venerable La Punta Realty team to maximize sales and marketing opportunities for both organizations.

This strate­gic alliance brings many syn­er­gies and allows Punta Mita Prop­er­ties to have a broader pres­ence inside and out­side the gates of the development.

Punta Mita will ben­e­fit from the strength of La Punta Realty’s affil­i­a­tion with the Christie’s Inter­na­tional Real Estate brand and the expan­sion of the sales team to include La Punta’s sea­soned pro­fes­sion­als who are famil­iar with the most effec­tive 21st cen­tury mar­ket­ing and sales tech­niques, along with the numer­ous sub­tle dis­tinc­tions that define our unique region.

Through our coor­di­nated efforts, we are poised to make a stronger impact as a global eco­nomic recov­ery is emerging.

Both offices will con­tinue to oper­ate under their indi­vid­ual and respec­tive busi­ness names, yet gain the advan­tages of a com­bined larger team focused on mar­ket­ing and sales outreach.

La Punta Realty agents work­ing within Punta Mita will oper­ate as rep­re­sen­ta­tives of Punta Mita Properties.

We look for­ward to great suc­cess in work­ing together!