A Boost for Mexican Farming

Kent Patterson for Salem-News.com

Editor’s note: As the US prepares to celebrate its annual Thanksgiving holiday, an opportunity arises to consider where our food comes from and how it is produced. In New Mexico and elsewhere, a growing trend exists of community farmers’ markets that put growers in direct contact with consumers and offer locally-produced foods, especially organic varieties. The following story reports how the recent opening of similar markets in Mexico is part of an international trend.

They were the beauty and the brawn of the border. A professional dancer who also dabbled in Tijuana horse competitions, Yael Sanchez was crowned Miss Fitness Baja California 2003. Manuel Murillo was a leading body-builder, engaging in numerous championship bouts while training other claimants to the Superman title. Placing second in the Mr. Mexico championship four times, Murillo won the title of Mr. Frontera 2000 and Mr. Muscle Beach of Venice, California, in the same year.

Now residing in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, the lives of Sanchez and Murillo have changed radically.

In addition to operating the Organic Superfoods store in the resort city’s Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, Murillo and Sanchez recently purchased a 15-acre farm complete with fruit trees, greenhouses and an irrigation system, Their intention, Murillo said in an interview at his store, is to have a “sustainable farm” that produces “real organic foods at good prices.”

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